Each article submitted to the editor will be selected through a Preliminary Review process by the Editorial Board. Furthermore, the article will be sent to Bebestari Partners/peer reviewers as many as 2 people and will proceed to the next selection through the Open Review Process. After that, the article will be returned to the author for revision. This process takes a maximum of one month. In each manuscript, Bebestari Partners/peer reviewers will be assessed from a substantial and technical aspect. Bebestari partners/peer reviewers who collaborate with Jurnal Kesehatan are experts in the field of health sciences and the issues surrounding it. They are experienced in managing prestigious journals and publications spread throughout the country and abroad.

All submitted manuscripts are read by the editorial staff. Manuscripts evaluated by the editor that do not meet the journal's criteria are immediately rejected without external review. Submissions that are evaluated to interest our readers are sent to several reviewers. The editor then makes a decision based on the reviewer's recommendations from several possibilities: rejected, needs to be revised, or accepted.

The editor has the right to determine which manuscripts are included in the journal to be published.

Review Process:

1. The author sends the manuscript

2. Editor's evaluation (some manuscripts were rejected or returned before the review process)

3. determination of reviews

4. Reviewed by reviewers

5. Editor's Decision

6. Confirm to the author